Lisa 3D Printer

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The most compact SLS 3D printer ensuring professional printing quality

The most compact SLS 3D printer

The most compact SLS 3D printer on the market. Its office-compatible size makes it the most sought after entry-level machine.

Cost-effective SLS 3D printing

The Lisa proves that SLS technology can be both accessible and cost-effective for the occasional printer.

Top-notch print quality

Clients all over the world confirm that the Lisa provides highly detailed 3D printing.

Easy to use and maintain

Our customers keep saying the Lisa has shown them just how simple SLS 3D printing and printer maintenance can be.

Simple construction and use

The Lisa’s simple technological solutions and friendly software make it a great printer to start your 3D printing journey.

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Lisa 3D Printer

Requires small amounts of powder

Occasional printers will appreciate not having to spend a lot on filling up the print bed for limited print numbers.

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Lisa 3D Printer

Plug & play

When we say “plug & play,” we mean it. Sinterit’s Lisa works right out of the box.

Short cooling time

The compact size of the printer and print bed reduces post-printing cooling time.

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Lisa 3D Printer


Lisa Specification

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