Wide Range of Printing Materials

With a broad range of materials available, our customers have the freedom to create designs that suit their unique needs and preferences, making our printer a versatile tool for any project.

Customisation Options

With customizable features, you can create unique and personalized designs that match your creative vision, whether it's for a prototype, a functional part, or an artistic masterpiece.

Expert Support and Training

Our team is always available to provide technical support on how to use the printer, troubleshoot common issues, and optimize print settings for different materials, ensuring our customers have the confidence to create with ease.

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We are certified

3D Technology Ltd | ISO 9001 Cerification Europe
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Case Studies

Case Studies
Advancing Breastcare Solutions: Trulife's Utilization of 3D Printers in Producing Breastcare Products

Trulife, a renowned provider of orthotic and prosthetic solutions, has successfully incorporated 3D printing technology into their manufacturing processes to revolutionize the production of breast care products. This case study explores how Trulife's

Case Studies
From Classroom to Industry: 3D Printers Transforming University Education

Supporting Additive Manufacturing Research and Development at The University of Galway (UOG) has always been at the forefront of technology in Ireland, and 3D Technology Ltd. is proud to contribute to their continued success, especially since we have

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