3D Technology Ltd. complete installation of Markforged Metal X 3D printer at Irish Manufacturing Research

3D Technology Ltd., Ireland’s leading supplier of 3D printers and consumables, has announced their latest installation of the Metal X 3D printer from Markforged at Irish Manufacturing Research.

Based in Galway City, 3D Technology offers a range of 3D printing solutions including the sale of 3D printers, on demand manufacturing, software and design. According to company CEO James Wall, this latest installation was particularly rewarding. “It was a great experience to work with Michael Cassidy, Sean McConnell and the team at Irish Manufacturing Research. This Metal X 3D printer will help continue the IMR’s great work, and we look forward to continuing our Silver Tiered Partnership into the future.”

3D Technology Ltd. founder James Wall

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is a government sponsored initiative that supports the Irish manufacturing sector to adopt cutting edge technologies in order to retain a competitive edge in a globalised environment. The organisation works directly with industry partners to de-risk specific elements of emerging technologies, with IMR Chief Technology Officer Michael Cassidy pleased to see the new installation take place. “It’s great to have Markforged technology on site. Many thanks to James Wall and team at 3D Technology Ltd. for partnering with IMR.”

Metal X System delivery to IMR

The Metal X System 3D printer from Markforged is viewed as the most accessible way to fabricate complex metal parts in the widest variety of advanced metals. The Metal X is designed to be safe to use and accessible for all fabricators. It costs 5-10 times less than DMLS metal 3D printing systems and requires no dedicated operator, no powder management system, and minimal PPE.

Metal X System ready for manufacturing

The Metal X is the most intuitive, simple to use metal 3D printer available today. Print a wide range of materials from stainless steels to copper with minimal training on a closed workflow. It is purpose-built for great part quality and a seamless user experience, combining Markforged best-in-class software, materials research, and an advanced motion system to deliver industrial-grade parts reliably.

For more information on the Metal X 3D printer visit www.3dtechnology.ie

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