ACS Custom Develops and Produces Custom Products in 3 to 4 Days

Digital production house Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) Custom specialises in soft silicone custom hearing protection and in-ear monitors. Answering customer needs for audio enhancement, hearing protection, and communication, ACS Custom has built its business around a 100% digital workflow that provides customers with quick access to one-of-a-kind articles.

The advantages of ACS Custom leveraging 3D printing begin right at the start of the design process, with peak performance available through unparalleled design freedom. Furthermore, this design freedom is achieved in a way that is significantly more cost effective than traditional manufacturing, allowing invaluable flexibility to meet modern manufacturing requirements. As a market leader in the supply of 3D printers in Ireland, 3D Technology Ltd. founder James Wall is seeing a significant increase in demand for 3D printing services from companies across a range of sectors.

“We are dealing with Irish businesses every day in terms of 3D print solutions and technology, working with University of Limerick and Laser Prototypes amongst others. 3D printing is driving significant benefits and costs savings for companies around the globe, including ACS Custom who have benefitted greatly from the use of the Figure 4 Standalone printer from our partners 3D Systems.”

An ideal workflow for custom products

ACS Custom specialises in products that solve problems for its clients, and founder and managing director Andy Shiach says the digital workflow is ideally suited to its business: “When we decide we want to make a product, we can design it and print it within the space of a couple days. Then, if we realise we need to revise our design, we can do that immediately.

ACS Custom uses its digital workflow for both prototyping and production parts

ACS Custom uses its digital workflow for both prototyping and production parts. The company is continually exploring new applications for its Figure 4 Standalone printers, and has had success with a variety of housings for PC boards and earphones as well as earphone jacks and adapters.

The printed features ACS Custom achieves likewise demonstrate the breadth of this manufacturing technology’s capabilities, with wall thicknesses from 0.3 millimeters to 1-millimeter, smooth surfaces, knurled surfaces, and even functional, fine threading. “We’re using the printers pretty much full time and the components are fantastic,” Shiach says. “The quality, repeatability, materials – all fantastic.”

Beyond benefiting ACS Custom customers, Bennett says the digital workflow drives business success: “Thanks to the 3D technology we’re using, we’re at the forefront of our industry. It allows us to keep ahead of the competition by innovating and creating new products.”

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