Figure 4 Standalone - Pushing the Boundaries of Industrial 3D Printing

In the fast-evolving world of 3D printing, industrial-grade solutions are continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in terms of speed, accuracy, and versatility. Among these advanced systems, the "Figure 4 Standalone" 3D printer from 3D Systems stands out as a powerful and reliable additive manufacturing platform. Designed for high-throughput production and precision, the Figure 4 Standalone brings together the benefits of DLP(Digital Light Processing) technology and automation, catering to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods. In this in-depth review, we will explore the key features, applications, strengths, and potential considerations of the Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer.

Key Features:

Figure 4 Technology:

At the heart of the Figure 4 Standalone lies the Figure 4 technology, which represents a revolutionary approach to stereolithography. Instead of using a traditional gantry system, Figure 4 employs a unique "projector array" that projects the entire layer at once onto a liquid resin surface. This parallel processing capability drastically reduces print times and enables layer cure times in seconds, making it one of the fastest 3D printing technologies available.

High Throughput:

The Figure 4 Standalone is designed for high throughput production, with the capability to print at speeds of up to 100 mm per hour. Its continuous build platform and rapid layer curing enable a fast and efficient production process, making it ideal for high-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Material Platform:

The Figure 4 Standalone offers an extensive material platform, allowing users to work with a wide range of resins. This flexibility enables the use of various materials, each tailored to specific applications, such as high-temperature, biocompatible, or flexible resins.

Automation and Integration:

3D Systems has integrated automation features into the Figure 4 Standalone to streamline the printing workflow. Features like automated material handling and build platform setup reduce manual intervention, increasing productivity and minimizing downtime between print jobs.

Intuitive User Interface:

The Figure 4 Standalone comes equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, making it easy for users to set up, manage, and monitor print jobs. The user-friendly interface simplifies the operation, reducing the learning curve for new users and optimizing productivity.

Quality and Accuracy:

With its high-speed parallel processing and precise layer curing, the Figure 4 Standalone achieves outstanding print quality and dimensional accuracy. This level of precision makes it suitable for applications that demand tight tolerances and fine details.

Scalable Production:

The Figure 4 Standalone is a modular system that allows for scalability. Users can add multiple units to create a scalable 3D printing farm, enabling efficient mass production and batch processing of parts.


The Figure 4 Standalone finds extensive applications in various industries:

  • Aerospace: The aerospace industry benefits from the Figure 4 Standalone's ability to produce lightweight, complex geometries, and high-strength parts for prototyping and end-use applications.
  • Automotive: In automotive manufacturing, the speed and precision of the Figure 4 Standalone are advantageous for rapid prototyping, tooling, and jigs production.
  • Healthcare and Medical: The open material platform allows for the use of biocompatible resins, making the Figure 4 Standalone suitable for medical device prototyping and custom surgical guides.
  • Consumer Goods: The Figure 4 Standalone is used in the design and production of consumer goods, such as jewelry, wearables, and electronics, thanks to its fine detail capabilities.
  • Prototyping and Product Development: Its high throughput and quick iteration cycles make the Figure 4 Standalone ideal for product development and validation.


  • Speed: The Figure 4 Standalone's parallel processing capability and fast layer curing result in unparalleled print speeds, making it one of the fastest 3D printing technologies available.
  • Automation and Efficiency: The integration of automation features streamlines the 3D printing process, reducing manual intervention, and improving productivity.
  • Material Platform: The ability to work with a wide range of resins provides users with the freedom to choose materials that best suit their specific applications.
  • High Quality and Precision: The Figure 4 Standalone's high-speed parallel processing does not compromise on print quality and dimensional accuracy, making it suitable for precise and intricate parts.
  • Scalability: The modular design allows users to expand their production capacity by adding more units, creating a scalable 3D printing farm.


  • Cost: The Figure 4 Standalone is an industrial-grade 3D printer, and its advanced features come at a premium cost. However, the increased efficiency and throughput may offset the initial investment for users with high-volume production needs.
  • Resin Handling: The Figure 4 Standalone's open material platform requires proper resin handling and storage to maintain material quality and prevent contamination.
  • Maintenance and Support: As with any industrial-grade 3D printer, regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to ensuring optimal performance and uptime.


The Figure 4 Standalone from 3D Systems is a game-changer in the world of industrial 3D printing. Its Figure 4 technology, high throughput, open material platform, automation features, and precision make it a powerful solution for various industries and applications. While the initial investment may be higher, the Figure 4 Standalone's speed and efficiency contribute to improved productivity and reduced time-to-market for manufacturers.

For industries that demand rapid prototyping, mass production, and high-quality parts, the Figure 4 Standalone is a worthy investment. As 3D printing technology continues to evolve, the Figure 4 Standalone is a testament to the potential of additive manufacturing in shaping the future of industrial.

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