From Classroom to Industry: 3D Printers Transforming University Education

Supporting Additive Manufacturing Research and Development at The University of Galway (UOG) has always been at the forefront of technology in Ireland, and 3D Technology Ltd. is proud to contribute to their continued success, especially since we have two University of Galway alumni on our team.

A 3D printing project at Mechanical Engineering at University of Galway

To assist the Engineering Department, we have provided three cutting-edge 3D printers:

  • Markforged Mark Two – Composite Printer
  • Intamsys FUNMAT HT – PEEK & Ultem Printer
  • 3D System ProX 100 – Direct Metal Printer

The accessibility of 3D printers on campus is having a significant impact on students, providing them with hands-on experience in additive manufacturing techniques and materials.

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