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EINSTAR, an affordable handheld 3D scanner, makes high-quality 3D data available to everyone. In the standard package you will find a handheld 3D scanner with Exstar software, and a lightweight carrying case which includes a series of accessories: a silicone case, introductory user guide, positioning markers, cloth to wipe the lens, a carrying strap, power supply and USB cable.

Digitize the world with Einstar

Equipped with 3 Infrared VCSEL Projectors, 2 Stereo Depth Cameras and 1 RGB Camera, Einstar can capture clear scan data and generate stable outputs outdoors while providing a flexible working distance for small and large objects.

  • Outdoor scanning
  • Human body
  • Material adaptability
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Einstar 3D Scanner

Great variety of application scenarios

Thanks to multiple data output formats, EINSTAR is the ideal companion for 3D scanning jobs in a wide range of projects and industries. No matter for 3D printing, Design, VR&AR or something completely different: EINSTAR´s versatility unlocks new dimensions of ideas and creativity.

High-quality Data

EINSTAR collects high density point cloud data fast and easily with point distance up to 0.1mm.

High Color Fidelity

Benefit from built-in RGB color camera, EINSTAR reproduces the original colors of the scanned objects authentically.

Detail-oriented Enhancement Technology

The built-in detail enhancement technology optimizes the point cloud for complete data acquisition, better guides your scanning and improve the data quality.

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Einstar 3D Scanner

Stable Outdoor Scanning

With 3 infrared VCSEL projectors, Einstar can capture clear scan data and generate stable outputs outdoor.

Comfortable for Eyes

Because of invisible light of projector during scanning process, it makes eyes comfortable when do human scan.

Streamlined User Experience

A smooth and fast scanning experience with helpful features and high scanning speed.

Extremely Easy to Use

Ergonomic design, clear workflow, easy set-up, plug and play.

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Einstar 3D Scanner


Einstar 3D Scanner - Brochure

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