Markforged Onyx Pro

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The Onyx Pro prints composite parts that are 10x the strength of plastic by reinforcing chopped-carbon nylon with continuous strands of fiberglass.

Fast and Affordable

Replace mission-critical machined metal with fiberglass composite parts at 1/20th the cost. These tough parts nail the sweet spot of strength and affordability.

Industrial Reliability and Accuracy

The Onyx Pro packages industrial grade reliability and accuracy into a machine that can fit on your desktop. Never worry about a print failing again.

Camera Cable Harness

Rent the Sky Films (Case Study)

Rent the Sky Films prints custom cable adapters for a 15 lb, handheld 3D camera that replaces conventional 100 lb rigs. These adapters consolidate cabling to a single interface point, making the camera simpler and easier to operate. Rent the Sky Films founder Scott Ferril describes this part as “the difference between getting the shots you want vs. the shots you have time for.”

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Markforged Onyx Pro

Seawater Intake

MARTAC (Case Study)

MARTAC designs and manufactures next generation high performance unmanned aquatic vessels. In order to cool the motors on these vessels, they route cool seawater inward from the outside of the boat. By printing the water pickups, they drastically cut fabrication costs on what would be an incredibly difficult part to fabricate. Onyx is robust enough to survive both ocean debris and corrosive seawater.

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Markforged Onyx Pro

Press Brake Tooling

Centerline Engineering Solutions (Case Study)

Centerline Engineered Solutions fabricates formed steel parts with an industrial press brake. In order to fabricate each part, Centerline has to make a unique punch and die. For most applications, the cost of this specialized tooling does not justify the expense of the part. By printing the tooling out of Onyx and reinforcing critical points with steel inserts, Centerline creates forming tooling at a vastly lower cost.

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Markforged Onyx Pro


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