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Production-grade nylon materials, advanced software workflow and new selective laser sintering technology come together for a highly productive solution for direct 3D production.

The SLS 380 delivers best-in-class part quality, fast build times, automated production tools, and a lower total cost of operation over similar printers.

Repeatable Parts, High Yield

The SLS 380 features closed-loop process controls that enable high levels of repeatability across multiple parts, builds, machines, and sites. In addition to a new water-cooled laser, the system utilizes a custom-developed 3D Systems algorithm to manage, monitor, and control in real-time, the thermal uniformity within the build chamber.

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 SLS 380

100,000 Thermal Data Samples Per Second

The algorithm manages eight separately calibrated heaters, together with an integrated high-resolution IR camera that captures over 100,000 thermal data samples from within the build chamber per second. This data, together with the IR sensor, maintains temperature stasis for every part build-layer, for the duration of the build process. With a more consistent thermal uniformity across the build process, manufacturers can now deliver more dimensionally stable parts with better mechanical performance, higher repeatability, and greater yields – all with fewer human interventions and lower overall operating costs.

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 SLS 380

Automate Material Handling

An important part of the SLS solution capability is the material quality center (or MQC) to control, blend, and deliver material on-demand for an optimal ratio of fresh and recycled powder. There are two MQC options for SLS printers: the MQC Single and the MQC Flex. The MQC Single is designed to connect to one SLS printer, whereas the MQC Flex is optimized to deliver material to up to four printers simultaneously, minimizing waste and eliminating operator intervention. The MQC Flex automatically blends fresh and recycled powder according to your specified mix ratio, and includes a recycled powder bin that provides convenient and immediate storage for unused powder post-printing. Both versions of the MQC feature fully-automated material feeding and an integrated breakout station for post-processing.

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 SLS 380


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