FUNMAT Pro 310

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Advanced Performance FUNMAT Series. Bringing desktop 3D printing to the next industrial level.

Printing volume

  • Dual: 260x260x260mm
  • Single: 305x260x260mm

Printing capability and nozzle design with IDEX dual nozzle system

  • Independent dual extruder (IDEX), for different printing modes as dual material printing, mirror printing, copy printing
  • Modular design of the printhead, quick-change system for easy installation and replacement and convenient maintenance
  • Dual-drive gear extruder, increase the contact surface for more torque and higher reliability
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FUNMAT Pro 310

Thermal design for high strength and high accuracy

  • The maximum temperature of the chamber is 100°C, the maximum heating temperature of the build plate is 160°C. It provides fast heating with its high-power output
  • Excellent thermal design reduce thermal deformation of the mechanics and lower the shrinkage of models during printing, avoid warping and increase the interlayer-adhesion
  • The maximum temperature of the nozzle is 300°C
  • High-power nozzle heaters decrease the heating time and ensures that the nozzle is rapidly heated, and the filament is fully melted in the nozzle
  • Active cooling of the printhead reduces the risk of clogging
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FUNMAT Pro 310

Flexible build plate for easy part removal. Automated mesh leveling for high reliability

  • Different levelling modes with 5×5 or 10×10 points can be chosen
  • Levelling is only required at calibration, no need to repeat it before every print job
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FUNMAT Pro 310


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