FUNMAT Pro 410

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Start printing in various high-performance materials (PEEK, PEEK-CF, PEEK-GF, PEKK, PPS) and engineering materials (PA, PA-CF, PC, ABS) with a large build volume. Your industrial applications deserve unmatched accuracy, high-quality industrial-grade parts, and the possibility to iterate faster, even with complex parts.

With a simple setup and intuitive operation, the FUNMAT PRO 410 is a great solution. intelligent features like filament jam & absence warning, and power failure recovery will make your printing experience smoother and more pleasant.

Whether you are working in aerospace, automotive, power & energy, or any other industry requiring high-performance parts, this printer unlocks infinite possibilities that extend well beyond prototyping.

Dual nozzle 3d printing

Smart design for continuous production

High-speed high-precision

Heated chamber

Sensor assisted automatic leveling

Multiple functional materials

High safety standard

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FUNMAT Pro 410

Constantchamber: 90°C

Build plate: 160°C

Extruder: 500°C

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FUNMAT Pro 410


Amazing precision. Spectacular Details. Designed for industrial 3D printing.

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FUNMAT Pro 410


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